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Secure Your Email Communication for a Small Price

At Secureschoolmail, we can provide you with the product and installation services at cost effective prices. Please note that annual pricing/school is based on the average of one secure email ID for every twenty students.


Population Price plan
<150 students £ 199 (up to 8 email addresses)
150 – 299 students £ 299 (up to 15 email addresses)
300 – 699 students £ 399 (up to 35 email addresses)
700+ students £ 799   (up to 50 email addresses)


There is nothing to install on individual devices, it’s all in the cloud, no installation fees. Want to try it for a month before committing.  No problem.  Just get in touch We have supplied email encryption to more than 200 schools so we know what we are doing.

If you budgets run annually and you would like to pay for the service from now until it’s budget time again, no problem, just let us know and we will only invoice you for those months.