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Secure School Email is a cutting-edge and secure email encryption system that empowers schools to communicate confidentially.

Schools hold large amounts of confidential data on their pupils, and have a regular requirement to share information with external organisations.  Ensuring that keeping this information confidential is very important for schools, as breaches of confidentiality can cause harm, distress or inconvenience to the victims and even damage the school’s market reputation. Schools in the UK must comply with the GDPR.

The guidelines presented by the ICO makes it very clear that all schools must take adequate measures to maintain privacy of sensitive data sent via emails. Schools must follow the set Data Protection procedures when they transfer or exchange personal data via emails within the school, with other schools and third parties. If schools fail to follow these guidelines and don’t implement adequate measures to keep sensitive data well-protected from cyber criminals and possibility of data breaches, then the Information Commissioners Office can fine or even ‘name and shame’ such schools.


Secureschoolmail – An answer to Secure Email Communication

Launched over 4 years ago, we are currently supplying email encryption to multiple schools and processing in excess of 1m secure emails a month, so you can be assured it’s a well proven solution.

Simply stated, it completely eliminates the chances of your sensitive information being accessed and read by any unintended recipient. It can encrypt all email messages exchanged between schools, external parties and parents.


Simple and Easy Work Process- There’s Nothing Technical About it!

To integrate Secureschoolmail into your email system you don’t need to replace your current email system or use some special website to send secure emails.  Secureschoolmail works smoothly and in concurrence with your current email system including Exchange and O365.

Once it is deployed, emails sent between trusted or known users of the Secureschoolmail system are both encrypted and decrypted automatically in transit. This is done where necessary and doesn’t require any password. The emails show in the usual user email inbox.

However, if you’re sending emails to third parties and unknown users like parents, in such a scenario the system will ask the recipient to setup their passwords so that they can access sent emails in a secure inbox. This helps schools to secure information transferred over the web from getting into the wrong hands.